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1 . Send messages in just a few clicks.
Send messages to all your customers in seconds. Connect with your customers daily on a platform they love with ease.

2 . Directly import all your contacts.
You can import an unlimited number of contact numbers using the Excel import option. No need to save numbers from now on.
There is also an option for manually creating campaigns.

3 . Send personalized messages to your customers.
Yes, you can send bulk messages with the customer's name, addressing them. It will therefore be for customers an individual message that will be sent to them.

4 . Group contacts as campaigns...
Group contacts as campaigns with campaign names. In your phone, all contacts will automatically be imported under a group name which is the name of the campaign.

5 . Send quick WhatsApp messages
even to unknown contacts. No need to save the number on the phone.

6 . Extract contact numbers from WhatsApp groups and
Send unlimited messages privately to all contacts in your WhatsApp groups.

7 . Unlimited personalized messages / your own signature.
You can create any number of personalized messages / signature messages and can be saved under an easily identifiable name.In the message formatting screen, you can insert the signature.